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Local Long Distance Internet Solutions Equipment Custom Calling Features  

A full range of communication equipment is offered in our Phone-Store including digital cordless telephones, answering machines, caller ID devices, hard of hearing handsets and handicap instruments. In today's world it is important to take advantage of the available technology and let your phone work for you.

Stop in our office to "test drive" some equipment today.

Custom Calling Features

Let our experts assist you with all your home telecommunication needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will assist you in selecting features to meet your needs. Whether you subscribe to Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, Warm Line or any other feature we offer, we have a product that will support or enhance your service. Call today at 845-8112.

For feature instructions see Front Green Section of your Newport Telephone Directory.

Discounts apply when you have more than one feature.