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Local Long Distance Internet Solutions Equipment Custom Calling Features  
  Residential Long Distance

You get calls every day asking you to change your service. Everybody wants to be your supplier. Where do you go?

How about simple answers, from a local company, someone you know?

Get all your service from the same place and deal with one, easy-to-understand bill. And if you have any questions concerning that bill there is a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to help.

How about the potential to save money? We have no monthly service fees and we bill in 6-second increments. If you make a lot of calls you can save over companies that bill at higher increments. Over time it can really add up.

While you’re at it ask us about the convenience of an NTC calling card.
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One rate, one company, one bill, we're ready to go the distance for you with long distance service designed to make your life easier.
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