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Local Long Distance Internet Solutions Customer Service

What is ExpressLink from NTCNet™?
A high-speed digital connection to the Internet.
A dedicated, always on connection that does NOT incur local usage charges.

It's easy,efficient, and secure.
ExpressLink eliminates dial-up access, busy signals, and frustrating waits. A firewall protects your computer network from hackers. You can connect a single computer or an entire local area network (LAN) of multiple users.

A flat-rate service that will fit your budget.
Incremental bandwidths from 64k through a full T1 are available. We will help you choose the one that balances your needs with what’s most efficient and cost-effective for your business. Multiple e-mail addresses can get your people connected.

Let us help you gain an edge in communication power.
NTCNet specializes in customized Internet solutions for business. You can benefit from our years of experience in the telephone and Internet markets.

From initial consultation, through providing equipment, installation and continued personalized service, we’ll be there for you.

Communicate with us! 845-2000